Poland's Best Zouk Marathon

Debit/Credit Card Payment for ChillZouk

Debit/Credit Card Payment for ChillZouk

Please click "Pay Now" and type in the amount to pay as per the spot offer email we've sent you. It's up to you if you want to pay the €99 deposit now and you may bring the rest in cash at the event.

Please note, we do not charge VAT. For debit/credit card payments there is a 3% + €0.25 transaction fee.

3% transaction fee 'variable' + €0.25 (transaction fee 'fixed')

The Biggest Brazilian Zouk Giveaway in History!!!

Domi&Hoi Team is giving away free spots to some of their amazing events! Anyone can join and it’s free to enter!

  • 5 Grand Prizes (5 x 9 Days with Anderson & Brenda),
  • 5 Large Prizes ( 5 x 4 Days at ChillZouk),
  • and Free Stickers for Everyone!