ChillZouk Discount Model (full disclosure)

We conduct our business in the most transparent, open and honest manner possible. For it is our wish to continue building a trustworthy relationship with all our loyal guests and guests-to-be.

ChillZouk has developed and created a very unique and fair discount model which is explained here how it works.

There are a total of 4 different discounts, each is €10 off and stackable to a maximum €40 off a single Full Pass ticket (not valid for Multi-Day or Single-Day Party Pass tickets):

  1. Dance Schools Discount – €10 off
  2. Teachers, Bolsistas & Assistants Discount – another €10 off
  3. Loyalty Discount – another €10 off
  4. Regional Discount – another €10 off
ChillZouk Discount Model
ChillZouk Discount Model

1. Dance Schools Discount – €10 off

Dance schools are automatically enlisted for this discount when the head of dance school register for FREE on 🔗 – Connecting Brazilian Zouk to the World (a free search tool for finding local Brazilian Zouk dance classes and local social parties around the World). Your head of dance school will be receiving an email from us with the discount codes. Please ask them!

Our reason to offer this discount to students, teachers, bolsistas & assistants of a dance school is that of their dedication in supporting their local dance schools, both financially and technically contributing to the healthy growth of the dance community. This is a small thank you from us for continuing to invest in themselves by taking classes and working hard towards fulfilling their full potential. We want to reward them for that!

2. Dance Teachers, Bolsistas & Assistants Discount – another €10 off

We send this discount code to the head of your dance school who will privately pass this to you, please ask them!

We are offering this extra discount to teachers, bolsistas & assistants of Brazilian Zouk for their hard work because we deeply respect them for giving up their time and energy to grow the Brazilian Zouk dance community. We want them to participate in our events as Holidaymakers because everyone deserves to switch off and fully enjoy the dance we all love. This discount is only valid explicitly for dance schools listed in 🔗 You can sign up your school to be listed for FREE to get this discount!

3. Loyalty Discount – another €10 off

All previous participants from the last event are emailed directly with a discount code to use. This discount code is valid for up to one year!

4. Regional Discount – another €10 off

Based on specific regions we’ve chosen, discounts are applied automatically upon registration.

How-to-use Discount Codes

You can add these discount codes in our registration form when signing up or add after registration by contacting us.

As mentioned above, there are a total of 4 different discounts, each is €10 off and stackable to a maximum €40 off a single Full Pass ticket (not valid for Multi-Day or Single-Day Party Pass tickets).

Discount Code Terms & Conditions

With any transparent and honest relationships, we are putting a lot of faith and trust in you do not find ways to abuse the ChillZouk Discount Model for your own personal gains or savings. If you are given/found a discount code which you are not eligible to use, please do not dishonestly use it.

Any discount offered are discretionary and are not an obligation. ChillZouk Holidays reserves the right to discontinue or reject any applied codes with or without reasons. All discount codes have no monetary value and can not be sold or exchanged.

Our event’s ‘Rules & Regulations‘ also apply.