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COVID-19 Travel Info for Poland

Updated: 11th November 2021

The main Poland government website for COVID-19 info can be found here written in English:
Please ensure you read and understand what is required based on where you’re travelling from inside or outside of the EU. We also suggest checking it again a few weeks before you travel in case of any changes.

Here is our quick summary of it:

  • With vaccination – Most of the World: it’s much easier to travel into Poland once you’ve been double vaccinated with an EU accepted type of vaccine whether you’re coming from countries inside or outside of the EU. You will need an EU accepted digital COVID certificate. No prior RT-PCR or antigen tests are required from what we understand.
  • Without vaccination – EU Member States, Schengen Area, Turkey: You can travel to Poland by presenting a negative COVID-19 test result, confirmed by an EU Digital COVID Certificate or by another document in Polish or in English. The test must be performed at most 48 hours before the border is crossed.
  • Without vaccination – Outside the European Union, Schengen Area, Turkey: international travel into Poland from countries inside and outside of the EU will be challenging but not impossible. Self-isolation (quarantine) is required plus negative RT-PCR or antigen tests performed by a laboratory. Please see the main Poland government website above for full details.

A passenger locator form is also needed to be filled in if flying by plane into Poland.

Gwarek hotel where we’re all staying doesn’t have any special requirements when it comes to COVID-19. Not that we know of right now but we will check with them again in case this changes closer to the date of the event.

For the upcoming 2022 ChillZouk event, we don’t distinguish whether you choose to be vaccinated or not, since these are personal choices. However, the only thing we’re asking for is a negative PCR 72 hours or Antigen 48 hours* before the start date. We have dancers flying from across the world, so we want to ensure everyone is feeling safe and reduce any risks of spread.

*The request of negative COVID-19 tests may be lifted depending on the situation closer to the time of the event. 

We would advise all participants to get adequate travel insurance that covers COVID-19 and to purchase it weeks before the start date in case of a positive PCR or Antigen test, so your insurance should cover or reduce any financial losses. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check your return home country’s COVID-19 entry requirements. 

We understand planning international travel is currently challenging, so hopefully, this information is useful for your planning and helps reduce some of your worries.

Please note: This page is focused on COVID-19 vaccine / non-vaccine / quarantine / PCR or Antigen test entry requirements only, and it does NOT cover information about general travel entry requirements such as visas. You will still need to do your own research and check what entry requirements apply to your passport or nationality. For general travel entry requirements to Poland, as a starting point, we would suggest checking your government website for this information. 

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