About Us

ChillZouk Holidays are pure social Brazilian Zouk dance festivals in Poland – no classes!


Join the most EPIC Brazilian Zouk dance school gatherings! Focussed on fun & building friendships with teachers and students of other dance schools!

Come and represent your dance school! And if you aren’t part of a dance school, you’re still welcome too!

One of our goals is bringing dancers & dance schools all closer together!

We strive to be the most beginner friendly and welcoming dancers of all levels to join in the fun! For the benefit of local Zouk scenes and our global Zouk family, we understand how important for new starters to travel and meet other passionate dancers. We’re all here to help them fall-in-love with Zouk, but most importantly, fall-in-love with our Zouk family. ?✈️

Why Come To Poland?

Poland has greatly influenced the Zouk dance in Europe or even the World. The Polish Zouk community has significantly grown thanks to their incredible, dedicated & passionate dancers.

With many available flights to the main Zouk cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice & Wrocław and the lower cost of living compared to Western Europe makes it a cost-effective international hub for those traveling from abroad.

Every year, thousands of Zouk dancers from around the World would travel to Poland to experience and partake in some of the biggest Zouk festivals, dancecamps/bootcamps & workshops in Europe.

If you haven’t, then you should! We’re confident that you will fall in love with the people and the dance all over again! 😉

ChillZouk Goals

  1. Focus on creating & delivering first-class pure social Zouk dance festivals in the World. No classes!
  2. Bringing dance schools and dancers all closer together from around the World for the best social dancing experience!
  3. Welcoming for teachers to chill and enjoy dancing. No work! 🙂
  4. Connecting dancers beyond dancing. Share your lifestyle, friendship, culture, individuality & personality!
  5. Sharing the wonderful culture and beautiful lands of Poland. There is so much we want to share with you!

The Management Team

A team of passionate Zouk dancers who loves to organise and share their love of Zouk & Poland. We are open to collaborations, sharing ideas & inspirations.